Finders, keepers. Losers, weepers. That’s how the saying goes and it certainly rings true in hourly hiring. Recruiting the right workers for your business is no easy task. In an industry known for high turnover rates, retaining workers is no walk in the park either. A good mix of both will lead you to a successful hiring strategy that works for you.

How can I attract the right workers?

In a tightening labor market, workers have a bigger voice in deciding where they’d like to work. You want to ensure your company is popular with job seekers and a place they will actively look to apply.

A good way to do this is to make sure your company’s culture is highlighted in your recruiting efforts. Don’t be afraid to show a little personality. Nobody wants to work at an unhappy or unproductive workplace. Your culture can be a great selling point to draw workers in that align with your company’s mission and show your appreciation for your employees. Here’s a great example from a Kohl’s job description:

Kohl's job description on Snagajob

What do workers want?

Knowing what workers really value plays a crucial role in both hiring and retaining the right team. What you’re offering may not be the perks that excite job seekers. With all the talk surrounding minimum wage, you might think it’s all about the Benjamin’s – not so much.

45 percent of millennials consider opportunities for growth when applying for a job, while 41 percent take a flexible schedule into account. Be sure to highlight details like those in your job postings. For instance, “40 percent of managers start as cashiers”.

“Paychecks can’t buy passion.”

You might’ve found your “A” team, but you’re not quite done yet. It’s crucial that you incorporate employee engagement strategies to retain those workers. A proactive strategy works best here.

New hire training is your first opportunity to get your employees pumped about working for your business so use it to your advantage. It’s also a great time to start building workplace relationships. Try pairing your new employee with an experienced worker, who can show them around. As time progresses, make it an ongoing effort to continue expressing appreciation for your team by finding creative ways to recognize your top talent.

Using this approach you’ll find the best talent first and know how to keep them around. If you’d like to learn more about recruiting and retaining the best hourly workers, join us for Snagajob’s annual Hourly Hiring Summit.