It stands to reason: the bigger your business, the more employees you will need to hire to meet customer demand and keep your business profitable (and growing). Some may think that the bigger you are and the more recognizable (and safe) your brand, the easier it is for you to hire.

Yes, brand recognition is a piece of the hiring puzzle, along with casting a wide net, that helps to increase application flow. But when you need to hire hundreds, maybe thousands, of hourly employees for your corporate enterprise business, sheer volume can make your task a tough one. It’s not so easy to be hiring for a big company.

That is, unless you’re able to turn around and identify the best candidates in an exceptionally efficient manner. So how do you hire smart and fast when you have a lot of positions to fill?

  • Start by going to your target audience. You can use any number of sourcing options available, but if you’re not speaking to the people who want your jobs, your efforts won’t translate well. Increase efficiency by posting your jobs in the place where members of your target audience focus their job search. Increasingly, that place is a niche job site. Niche job sites provide a large pool of highly targeted candidates who are looking for a specific type of job.
  • Leverage your brand. Your business grew to where it is today because your brand is recognizable and trusted. Use that brand to help attract top talent. Employment marketing functions in the same way as product marketing. Advertising on your niche job site, utilizing email campaigns or becoming a featured employer will draw attention to your brand and increase traffic to your job postings.
  • Filter first to reduce overload. If you post on a niche job site and use employment marketing to drive traffic to your posts, you will see an increase in applicant flow. You can try to look through every application that comes your way, but you may end up falling into an exhausted slump at your desk. Incorporate filter questions to weed out applicants who don’t possess your “must-have” qualifications, and build behavioral assessments into your application process to determine which applicants are poised for success. You’ll be left with a pool of candidates that you know will be a right fit.
  • Keep the pipeline full.  You can take steps to reduce turnover – assessing applicants on behavioral characteristics, encouraging career development through training and keeping employees engaged – but you can’t completely eliminate turnover. The day will come when you need to make more hires, and when you do there’s no need to start from square one. If you post your jobs by location, you can post as many jobs as you want, allowing you to develop a hiring pipeline of qualified candidates who will be ready when you are.

Having to hire hundreds, or thousands, of employees could seem like you’re walking 10 miles, uphill both ways, barefoot, in the snow. But with the right approach, that uphill climb could begin to level off, and you could find yourself coasting to the bottom of the hill, success in hand.