When it comes to hiring millennials, there are two key ways to approach the hiring process with this unique generation: make it mobile, and make it personal.

Make it mobile.

Millennials rely on mobile devices to manage their lives and expect no different when it comes to looking for jobs and engaging with their employers. Mobile needs to play a huge role in how you are hiring millennials. In fact, over 90 percent of millennials are searching for jobs on their mobile devices in the oddest of places: in their beds, during their commute, in a restaurant, at work….and even in the bathroom.

Yet, only 54 percent of job applications are mobile friendly. Employers lose over 90 percent of interested job seekers when they do not offer a mobile-friendly application process. We see dropoff rates five times higher when someone comes to an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) from their mobile device because most ATSs aren’t mobile-friendly.

So be sure to simplify your process and make it mobile. Millennial employees looking for hourly jobs should not be dealing with a lengthy application process they can’t complete on their phone. That will only frustrate them and cause them to stop applying for your jobs. Leveraging mobile videos, location, chat and scheduling functions can capture the critical information you need to make a hiring decision, while significantly reducing the burden on the job seeker.

Make it personal.

We asked millennials what they value in a job and culture and growth opportunities were paramount.

Millennials want to see someone like them who has had success at your company so they can see how their experience may be. For example, if you recruit at student fairs, send one of your younger employees who can relate to the student body. Take it one step further and introduce them to your current millennial employees during the interview process. This gives them a chance to meet the team and get a sense of your culture.

Your current millennial employees could be a great recruiting resource as well. Millennials are social and chances are your current employees have friends that are also looking for jobs. But don’t just ask them to refer friends: talk to them about how they can tap into their social and personal networks. Millennial employees don’t need a big referral bonus program to be involved in the hiring process. They just want to be included!

Prospective millennial employees are doing research on you RIGHT NOW to see if your company’s culture is a good fit for them. A strong recruiting plan must always start with a focus on who they are, what they want and how best to reach them.