Opening up new stores and staffing a location that has had recent turnover can be a daunting challenge, and many employers turn to hosting job fairs for their stores in order staff a location quickly. We’ve noticed these types of postings are becoming more popular on Snagajob as summer employees start heading back to school and some employers start hiring for the holiday season. Keep reading to check out some tips to make your next job fair a success.

Job title

What’s in a name? Good keywords, especially when you have the immediate hiring needs. When thinking about picking a job title, you want to grab the job seeker’s attention, and fast. Here are a few examples of job titles we’ve seen work well on our site:

  • Job Fair- Immediate Part Time Openings
  • Immediate Part Time Openings- No Experience
  • Job Fair- Apply Now

With these job titles you are giving your potential applicant a clear call to action. You are showing that you are looking to hire someone quickly to fill an open role in your store. Job seekers today are often finding their job in less than a month so creating a sense of urgency in your job title will help drive your candidate flow.

Job description

Here’s where you need to keep your job description short, sweet and to the point. It is likely that if you are hosting a job fair for potential employees, you will fill them in on the requirements of the job at the fair in person. Besides including the date, location and time of the job fair, as well as age and wage information where applicable, here are a few additional points we would recommend including in your job description:

  • A quick snapshot of your culture and show why it is awesome to work for your company. What are some of the great perks? Free meals? Bonuses? Advancement opportunities? Give a few of the highlights to really capture a potential candidate’s attention and get them excited to apply and attend your job fair.
  • Give them a clear call to action to apply online first before coming to the job fair, that way you can capture their contact information. This gives you the ability to get in touch with your candidates and schedule an interview if needed, and avoid filling out a paper application the day of the job fair.
  • The roles you are hiring for. It could be that you are hiring for a variety of positions so let the job seeker know that! When you are interviewing, you can make a decision about what position they would be a good fit for when you interview them at your job fair.

By giving a clear call to action in the job description to apply online first for the job fair you are ensuring that you getting your potential employee’s contact information. This helps you set yourself up for success on the day of the event and not frantically worry if candidates are going to show up.

Location, location, location

We get this question frequently, “Where is the best place to host my job fair?” Save yourself the hassle of tracking down an outside venue and the cost associated with it, and host your job fair at your restaurant or retail location. Snagajob seekers often cite that culture is one of the primary reasons for why the chose where to work, so highlight that by showing job seekers where they will be working. A few things you can do when interviewing at your store:

  • Give them a tour- show them the basic set-up of where they would be working and some of their potential on the job responsibilities.
  • Interview them on the floor rather than in a cramped back office. This will show them what happens in your location and some of the customer interaction they will have to participate in if hired.
  • Let them speak with current employees so they can get a feel for who they may be working with. This is  a great way to keep current employees engaged and excited about helping with the recruiting and hiring process.

Giving the applicant an idea of where they will be working will help get them excited about the job and set them more at ease. If they can see how your store operates and some of the people they may be working with, you will have not have a hard time convincing a candidate to work for you extend a job offer.

With these tips you will be on your way to hosting a successful job fair. Remember, the most important thing is to give a clear call to action in the job title and description as well as show off how awesome your culture is to the potential candidates who will be coming to your job fair.

Just show up

If you need to hire a large quantity of employees in a short amount of time, consider letting a company do all the hard work for you. Businesses, like Chipotle, find success in urgent, high-volume hiring by using ReadyHire. Their team can find qualified applicants, screen them, schedule interviews and all you need to do is the hiring. Contact the ReadyHire team to see how to turn your job fair into a success.

Happy hiring!

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