We all have our stories about hotel stays gone wrong. Broken TVs, stuck thermostats, painfully slow room service, some stranger’s balled up sock under the bed, militaristic lifeguards (my latest story), etc. And what do we do? We complain to the manager on duty.

Hotel guests never meet or even see most of the people who make their stays pleasant and comfortable (or who don’t). Maids, service technicians and cooks are all behind the scenes and escape notice by guests. But if they don’t do their jobs well, you better believe they get unwanted attention from their managers.

When guests have reason to complain, hotels have reason to worry about losing business.

There are hotel hiring solutions out there – like Snagajob’s – that are helping bed-and-breakfasts, family-owned hotel businesses and hotel chains find better people faster by offering:

Job posting services that reach and identify the right type of people – The hotel employees who can make the day in the life of a manager on duty completely uneventful are more likely to be found on a niche job site, such as Snagajob’s hourly job site (which has more than 30 million registered members who are actively seeking hourly work). Job seekers applying through niche job sites are two times higher in quality than employees attracted through general job boards, and eight times the quality of hires made through traditional newspaper ads, according to a Direct Employers Association Recruiting Trends survey. When you post your jobs on a niche job site, you’re more likely to attract the attention of the people you’d love to have working for you. Snagajob’s job posting service takes applicants through an online application process featuring filter questions and a behavioral assessment. With one glance at the green, yellow and red color-coded applications, you’ll know which ones deserve the most consideration. Learn more

A hiring system that allows employers to hire the right type of people quickly — There’s a lot riding on how well hotels are able to hire behind-the-scenes workers. Most hotel employees aren’t on the front line interacting with and serving customers directly. For hotel employees, high performance, attention to detail and pride in their work will minimize complaints and reduce the chance of the hotel losing business (and that managers on duty will throw up their hands and walk out with the disgruntled guests). Hotel employees need a different set of character traits than those needed by a quick-service restaurant employee, say, who needs to be good with people, patient and helpful. People who are perfect for a hotel job are in high demand because they’re hard to find. So Snagajob has not only incorporated assessments to identify which applicants are best suited for a hotel job, we’ve also developed a hiring system that helps hotels hire them quickly. Because the process is hosted online and allows employers to learn much more about applicants and take action quickly to hire them, ideal employees get in the door much faster than they would if the process was paper-based. Learn more

Better, more accessible training tools – The faster you’re able to get your great new hires up to speed, the faster they’ll offer the high performance, attention to detail and pride in their work that is so critical to a hotel’s success. If they’re brought in quickly but are left waiting and wondering what they’re supposed to be doing or see no promise of advancement, your great hires could turnover. So by helping your employees achieve their best by offering, posting and tracking certifications, they’ll be encouraged to advance and will be recognized when they do. Snagajob Training Manager helps employees realize their potential, which will keep them around and performing well for longer. Learn more

An interactive scheduling tool – When you have a hiring system like Snagajob’s in place and you’re able to communicate with your employees by text or email – or any way that’s most convenient – scheduling becomes a lot less of a thorny problem. Should unexpected scheduling issues arise, a resolution process will get the schedule on track and your employees freed up to handle what life has thrown at them. For your managers on duty it means no more running around fighting scheduling fires. Being known for your scheduling flexibility means yours is the hotel of choice among desirable candidates who often have their pick of hotel jobs. Learn more about our employee scheduling software.

When you’re able to hire people who will perform so well, so consistently, as to completely escape the notice of guests — and when managers on duty can sit back, kick off their well-worn shoes and let down their guard for a while — that’s when you know you’ve got a fantastic hiring process in place.