Discovering how and where to find employees is increasingly important in today's competitive economy

Companies in the United States face three very troubling statistics. First, turnover is at its highest point since the beginning of the Great Recession, as employees have multiple job opportunities available to them. Second, the number of Americans who expect to stay at a job for more than a year is at an historic low, creating a new trend of job-hopping among millennials. Finally, the cost of filling new positions is creeping higher every year. From the cost of recruitment to the expenses of training and integration, it costs a fortune to onboard employees who may not make it to their first anniversary with a company.

While those statistics seems dire, especially in industries that rely heavily on hourly-paid workers, new technologies and tools are available to help hiring managers expand their recruiting reach. If you are in the market to fill open positions at your company, consider the following tips:

Make employees ambassadors

Personal recommendations from your employees often lead to exceptional hires. Your current employees do not want to look bad for recommending someone with a shoddy work history, and any new hire will wants to prove themselves worthy of their friend’s trust. The result is a job candidate who has already been partially vetted, knows at least a little about the way your company operates and is motivated to do a good job.

Socialize on social media

Social media marketing is all the rage for small and medium-sized businesses, but social networks are also a great place to reach out and find employees. Customers who love your brand and frequent your social media pages may be enticed to apply for a position with your organization after seeing a job posting online. You can even use existing relationships to search for candidates that fit the profile you want to attract.

Finally, you can encourage your employees to spread the message virally through their own social networks to greatly expand your candidate pool.

Build a booth

One of the most tedious parts about hiring a new employee is sifting through all of the application materials to find a handful of candidates you might want to interview. Job fairs and recruiting events help you eliminate this step in the recruiting process by allowing you to evaluate candidates with nothing more than a short conversation in which you discuss the job responsibilities and requirements, and answer any questions. This informal process enables you to discover if an applicant is a good fit for your business without the cost or hassle of a formal interview.

Post it and they will come

Online job sites like Snagajob are crucial recruitment platforms for modern businesses. The site allows you to create a post for an open position and keep the post open for as long as the position remains unfilled. The cost is only a fraction of what you would pay for a job listing in the local newspaper or on the radio/television. What makes online boards so appealing for potential employees is that they can target specific keywords, like: advancement opportunities, flexible hours, overnights, etc. to find jobs that mesh with their ideal working situation.

Finding the right employee is can be a long and potentially costly process if you don’t have a solid plan in place. In order to find the caliber of candidate that you want, you must expand the search tools your business uses to reach out to potential employees. Doing so will not only reduce the time a position stays open, it will improve the overall quality of your applicant pool.