How your restaurant can keep its great employees

Restaurant businesses across the country, quick-service and otherwise, are getting on board with Snagajob daily. Often we hear them say they’d really like to be able to hire people away from [insert name of restaurant with a reputation for having great employees here].

If your restaurant has hiring envy, and you want to be able to land great employees, too, there are some things you need to stop doing and some things you need to start doing. Read our post for how your restaurant can go from having hiring envy to causing it.

If your restaurant gets noticed for always seeming to have great employees, watch out. You’d better start building up an immunity to workforce pilfering if you’re to maintain your envious position. Otherwise you’ll need to hire great people a lot more often than you’d like.

Hiring process improvements to keep things humming along:

Happy workers are well trained and see a path to promotion, promote from within and stockpile potential candidates. Happy workers are well trained and see a path to promotion, promote from within and stockpile potential candidates.

  • Instead of leaning on your great employees for referrals, have a stockpile of desirable candidates at the ready. We hear from our customers that they get burned far more often when they take an employee’s recommendation at face value than when they assess people as they apply to identify who would be a good fit. Just because the person doing the recommending is great does not mean the recommended person will be. You’ll never have to sweat filling open positions with great people when you use a job posting service like the one Snagajob offers, one that enables you to post your openings where quality job seekers are looking and that gives you the ability to determine very easily which applicants are most desirable so you can hire them quickly. Use that kind of service, and you’ll begin to stockpile great applications that will be waiting for you online when a position opens up.
  • Instead of spending time and money to fight off competitors, devote your resources to standing out. Have your recruitment brand do some of the heavy lifting. When you don’t have an under-performing, unhelpful employee in the bunch, and you’ve built a stellar reputation for service, working for your restaurant has a certain prestige associated with it, making your positions more desirable. (That’s what’s going to ward off the advances that other restaurants make, as they attempt to pilfer your people – working for them is just a job, but working for you is an experience.) Around and around it will go. Great people want to work for you because you only hire great people. For that kind of cyclical motion to spin great people into your business, it’s going to take a hiring system like Snagajob’s that gives you the ability to hire the most desirable applicants quickly and in effect create pent-up demand.
  • Instead of locking great employees into place, move them up the ranks faster. When you use a hiring system like Snagajob’s, one that offers a robust training module, you’re able to create better, more accessible training tools for your new hires. When you’re able to get your new hires up to speed faster, you’ll reduce turnover. If your great new hires are left wondering what they’re supposed to be doing and if the job holds promise of advancement, they’re going to be wondering why they took the job and where to look for the next one. So by helping your employees achieve their best by offering, posting and tracking certifications, they’ll be encouraged to move up the ladder and feel supported while they do so. The more effectively you’re able to train, the less the threat that other restaurants will hire your people away from you.

So, as things are humming along, you won’t need to be worrying that other restaurants are telling Snagajob that they’d really like to be able to hire people away from [name of your restaurant here].