We’re fresh off the plane, back from Orlando, Fla., after attending the 52nd Annual International Franchise Association (IFA) Convention. The event never disappoints, giving franchisors and franchisees the opportunity to network and share best practices to improve their businesses.

The convention gives us the chance to talk one-on-one with hourly employers to hear what hiring challenges and opportunities they are facing, while at the same time offering solutions that can help make their hourly hiring process more efficient and effective.

After four days and too many exciting conversations to count, we noticed that hourly employers were echoing similar questions and challenges. For the benefit of those not able to attend the convention, check out the top three points of discussion at the Snagajob booth.

I’m having a hard time finding applicants with the right skill set. How can I find better applicants?

The solution to this hiring challenge is twofold. First, look at your sourcing method and determine if it’s reaching your target audience. If you have hourly positions to fill, you need to talk directly to hourly job seekers. Posting your jobs on a niche job site focused on hourly positions removes the step of reconciling job seeker expectations with your opportunities and increases the probability that you’ll attract candidates who will fit your open positions.

Second, you may need to shift the way you define “right skill set.” If skill set means only relevant job experience, you may miss out on some of the best-fit employees. If you re-frame skill set to mean possessing characteristics that fit your business, and you evaluate applicants against those characteristics needed for success, you’ll discover that hiring on aptitude over experience will help you build a stronger workforce and may open the door to applicants you previously thought unqualified.

I use Craigslist already. Why do I need another recruiting tool?

Craigslist’s wide reach is enticing when you want to get your job opportunities in front of as many job seekers as possible. But, you may end up sifting through hundreds, maybe thousands, of applicants. And with Craigslist’s unfocused nature, the odds are you’ll receive applications from job seekers with qualifications across the board.

This doesn’t mean that Craigslist can’t help your recruitment efforts. You can use Craigslist to promote your opportunities, but point job seekers back to postings on a niche job site with an online application process that features behavioral assessments. This allows you to capitalize on Craigslist’s strong following, while funneling applicants through an assessment that will present you with only the most qualified applicants.

You can have your Craigslist cake and eat it too.

Why is partnering with an hourly-focused employer solutions vendor important?

If your car broke down, you wouldn’t go to a baker for the repairs, right? In the same way, if you need to fill hourly positions, it just makes good sense to work with a partner that specializes in hourly hiring.

Hourly jobs are different from salaried in more ways than how employees are paid. When filling hourly positions, employers are facing a difference set of challenges than employers targeting salaried employees. And job seekers looking for hourly positions comprise a different demographic and are looking for different employment benefits. Working with a partner that knows the hourly space inside and out, and who has taken that knowledge and developed hiring solutions tailored to the needs of hourly employers makes the budget you’ve set aside for your hiring needs a smarter, more focused spend.

Thank you, IFA, for hosting another great conference. We’re already looking forward to networking with, learning from and sharing insights with franchisors and franchisees across the hourly space next year!