It doesn’t matter what you call yourself: a small business, a budding enterprise, a mom and pop shop, or a medium-sized company in high-growth mode. If you have 500 or fewer employees, you face unique hiring challenges that rarely cause the global mega-corporations to toss and turn throughout the night.

Odds are that in an economic downturn bordering on double-digit unemployment, you’re getting flooded with applications, resumes and walk-in inquiries. It’s also likely that given your size, your HR resources are relatively light. Heck, many times the person doing the hiring is also taking out the trash and restocking the paper towels. We get it.

Part of the problem is that applicants sourced from free and low-cost online community message boards, such as Craigslist, often get a little lazy when applying to jobs. It’s not that they are lazy, it’s just that these websites allow them  to send you same old list of experience and contact information that they send everyone else. It’s often not customized for your company and position. Unfortunately, without the proper screening mechanisms, you’re inviting a productivity vacuum that will suck up all your time.

We don’t need to tell you that it’s possible to receive hundreds of inquiries to a single job in a matter of hours. And sometimes 99% of those applicants may not be the right fit. Because it takes valuable hiring manager time to sort through and rank these, by the time you find the qualified candidates, they’ve often signed on with other employers. That’s why we’ve incorporated screening questions into our Premium Postings – to help you weed through white noise to hear all-star applicants loud and clear.

All employers get access to eight filtering questions, with additional questions available for select industries. These include screening for:

  • Age, education level and industry licensing, such as a CDL
  • Experience, skills and supervisory level
  • Schedule and availability

We’ve also incorporated a new feedback feature into our D.I.Y. job postings. If you have a suggestion or question, you can leave a comment below or click the bright orange “feedback” bar on our hiring site.