Young job seekers searching for jobs on their mobile devices

Everyone knows mobile is a big deal. But it can be make-or-break deal for restaurant, retail and hospitality businesses that are hiring this season—which 97% say they are. That’s because Snagajob’s recent ‘State of the Hourly Worker’ survey found


82% of hourly job seekers are now searching for jobs from their phone


Knowing how people are finding your jobs helps you know exactly where to focus to get more to apply. So, where should you start when looking to make your job search experience mobile friendly? Focus on these three areas first.

1) Re-evaluate where you’re posting

Make sure the sites you’re posting to are prioritizing mobile. Redesigning your company’s website in a day isn’t doable, but re-evaluating which job boards and job sites you’re investing in is. Snagajob’s 2017 ‘Summer Hiring’ survey found job boards are the most popular way employers find applicants right now—62% use them—but just because they’re online does not mean your postings are mobile friendly.


Visit all the sites you’re currently posting to from your own mobile device. What’s the experience like … can you quickly find what you need? Do they seem to be targeting the type of workers you’re looking for?


Click through to an actual job posting, too. This is what your applicants see. If you can’t easily digest what’s on the page or Apply without scrolling, job seekers can’t either. And that severely impacts how many people view your jobs and applicant conversion rates.


2) Pay attention to formatting

Whether on your website, job board sites or social media pages, make sure the information in your job postings is optimized for mobile viewers. This means both how it’s formatted and what information you’re including.


Use bulleted lists and keep paragraphs short and to the point. No one wants to read through long blocks of text—which can look 5x longer on a phone than the computer screen you probably entered it in on.


3) Put the most important job info first

You also want to make sure the information that’s most important to job seekers is at the top of your postings. Focus your postings on the job—specific expectations and qualifications—not on yourself … ~60% of hourly workers don’t care about company/brand name. Here’s what 2,000 hourly job seekers told us they DO care about:


  1. Qualifications to apply

  2. Wage/Pay

  3. Location


The easier you can make it for mobile job seekers to quickly scan your postings and determine whether or not they’re qualified and a good fit for the job, the better your applicant volume and quality.


Ready to go mobile?

There’s a perfect storm in the industry right now: Increasing mobile usage among hourly workers—11% growth over 2016—combined with increasing competition for the best talent, means a mobile-friendly job search experience is more important than ever to attracting the best hourly workers.


Post your job now or learn more to find out how Snagajob’s mobile-friendly job postings and targeted network of 80+ million restaurant, retail and hospitality job seekers can help your brand optimize its applicant experience today.