Elements from Recruiting Trends Infographic

Elements from Recruiting Trends Infographic10 recruiting trends to win the best hourly workers right now

What are the latest recruiting trends for attracting hourly employees? And how can HR leaders, business owners and recruiters leverage them to win the best talent?


Open our free ‘How to Win the Best Workers’ infographic now for a quick-look snapshot of Snagajob’s 2017 Recruiting/Hiring survey results—from 3,000 industry job seekers and employers—including:

  • Where your competition is going to find and recruit job applicants
  • When most employers plan to have all of their seasonal recruiting and hiring done by
  • How to make your jobs stand out to top candidates
  • What your applicants really want in a job—and how that differs from traditional recruiting trends


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About our Recruiting Trends Infographic Data

Snagajob’s Recruiting Trends infographic leverages data from Snagajob’s 2017 Summer Hiring and the State of the Hourly Worker surveys. Snagajob partnered with global firm, Wakefield Research, to conduct the surveys and analyze responses received from 1,000 employers and 2,000 hourly job seekers. All responses gathered Q1 2017. To view the full 2017 survey report and get additional recruitment trends and strategies, check out our ‘2017 Recruitment Guide’ eBook


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