Write a great job posting with these tips

It all starts with your job post. Before the applications are turned in, or you sit down for interviews, this post is the first impression job seekers have of your business. Write a great job description and the applications will come rolling in. Write a bad one, however, and you’ll find yourself with an empty inbox.

Posting a job doesn’t need to feel like such a gamble. Thanks to nearly 20 years of experience and gathering information from real hourly workers, Snagajob has been able to determine the best ways to create an attractive job post. Consider the following as the secrets to writing the best job posting ever.

Post with purpose

This description is how you’re introducing yourself to job seekers so make the most of your space. No pressure, just try your best to keep it short and sweet highlighting what’s most important.

  • The top 3 factors job seekers consider before applying: pay, hours and location. Place this information at the top of your posting to really grab their attention.
  • Share what makes your business special. An interesting origin story or rundown of company culture can add some much needed personality.
  • Don’t forget to list any perks and benefits! According to our latest State of the Hourly Worker, health insurance and monthly allowance for items from your business are a huge draw.

When it comes to presenting all of this information, just remember that bullet points are your best friend.

Scope out search behavior

Nearly half of hourly job searches begin on Google, so what are you doing to show up on result pages? Move to the top of the list by considering search behavior as you write job descriptions.

  • People use certain words and terms as they search for work online—these are the keywords you should be including. Do some research to determine how job seekers in your area are searching (like whether you should be using the term “server” instead of waiter, etc.).
  • Avoid industry jargon aka those fancy terms that might go over the average job seeker’s head. Keep language simple so it’s easier to search for and recognize, especially when it comes to job titles.
  • Something as small as spelling or preferred abbreviations can make all the difference. Do a quick search of your own to see what’s most commonly used in your industry.

If you’re not getting the applications you need, it might be the perfect time to experiment with the language of your job description to get better results. Or maybe a even Google Business page… 

Make it mobile-friendly

With 75% of job seekers searching for work on mobile devices, it’s never been more important that your post is easily accessible on phones, tablets and more.

  • Get started by posting your jobs where mobile is a priority. For example, when you create a job post with Snagajob, it’s optimized for mobile from the get-go, no extra work necessary.
  • Mobile means you’re working with smaller screens and more scrolling, so you need to pay close attention to formatting. Those bullet points and short paragraphs we mentioned earlier will make it easier for job seekers to read your description from wherever they’re looking.
  • The cool thing about a mobile-friendly post is how simple it is to share on social media, email and more. This is a great way to enlist current employees to help spread the word.

Mobile is the where the job seekers are. Don’t miss out on your next great hire because your posts are behind the times.

Now that you know the secrets behind a successful post, you can put your job description to work. The other secret to successful hiring? Letting Snagajob help you find and hire the hourly workers you need now. From the first job post to the last interview, we work for small business owners like you. Click here to start your free trial today!