Early Adopters See Gains Up to 166 Percent Since Adoption

December 20, 2016 – Arlington, Va. – Snagajob today announced that it has launched PeopleMatter FIND™, integrating the largest marketplace for hourly work with the industry’s top workforce solution for employers. The new product will help service-industry employers expand the visibility of their job postings to a more targeted labor pool.

Following the initial launch of PeopleMatter FIND™, the amount of total applications processed by Snagajob has increased by 166 percent. Two of the top restaurant industry brands have already committed to using the product across all of their locations. Additionally, employers beta-testing the new product saw a 20 percent increase in rate of monthly processed applications.

Following the acquisition of PeopleMatter earlier this year, Snagajob’s PeopleMatter FIND™ product seamlessly connects the service industry’s most widely used workforce management solution with the nation’s largest hourly marketplace. Hiring managers can now share their open positions with Snagajob’s 70 million registered hourly workers in one click, directly from within the PeopleMatter product.

“Anything that makes my job easier is of the utmost value,” said Mark Bryan, VP of Human Resources from EJ Pope, a large convenience store retailer client in North Carolina. “This is an easy-to-use interface that brings together two great products and minimizes the time I spend managing my various job postings across multiple locations and linking them to my applicant tracking system. It has allowed me to maximize my hiring resources and focus my time on what’s most important: creating a positive experience for my applicants, customers and growing my business.”

Designed to simplify the process of creating, editing and posting a job on the Snagajob marketplace, today’s news marks the company’s latest step in creating the best possible experience for end users, while also solving for tough marketplace challenges. With over 80 percent of Snagajob’s registered workers operating within the restaurant, retail and hospitality markets, PeopleMatter FIND will help employers reach the type of workers they need, when they need them.

“More and more, we are seeing hourly employers and talent management professionals look for tools and environments that help them take a more strategic approach to hiring,” said Peter Harrison, CEO of Snagajob. “Not only are they looking for solutions that impact their bottom line, but also make the process easy and efficient. The integration of the Snagajob marketplace with the PeopleMatter applicant tracking system does just that. PeopleMatter FIND marks the first, in what we expect to be many, innovations resulting from the joining of the hourly market’s top talent acquisition, hiring, learning, scheduling and performance management solution.”

PeopleMatter FIND lays the groundwork for future innovations that offer unique candidate sourcing solutions unavailable in any other hourly platform. The company will soon provide their customers with the ability to search Snagajob’s active candidate database, proactively invite job seekers to apply for positions, and view an analytics dashboard on sourcing performance and candidate quality.

Following the acquisition, Snagajob renamed its full portfolio of talent and workforce solutions for employers to PeopleMatter™ and now offers various packages that connect workers and employers at every stage of the employment lifecycle. PeopleMatter FIND™ is the most valuable result of the newly combined platform as it brings together the service industry’s top solutions for sourcing and hiring hourly candidates.

About Snagajob

With more than 75 million registered hourly workers and 300,000 customer locations, Snagajob is America’s largest hourly marketplace, creating instant, quality connections so that a job can be secured in minutes. Since 2000, our mission has been to put people in right fit-positions so they can maximize their potential and live more fulfilling lives. Our marketplace is fueled by our network of hourly workers and our end-to-end platform of talent and workforce management solutions for employers —PeopleMatter. Our mobile sourcing, hiring, training, scheduling, and performance management tools drive results for single-location operators to Fortune 500 businesses with thousands of locations, across restaurant, retail, hospitality and other hourly industries. To learn more, visit us at snagajob.com and @Snagajob.