5 creative social media tips for recruiting

When it comes to hiring, 57% of employers list finding quality candidates as their #1 hiring challenge. It’s no wonder why business owners are always looking for new hiring solutions!

Of all the available options, there is one solution you might not be considering: social media.

Social media tips for your business

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and Pinterest all play a role in shaping the image of your business and making it attractive to job seekers. In fact,  62% of job seekers research an employer’s social accounts before applying, and 86% of people starting their career say they used social to help find a job. Social isn’t just the place to scope out a company, it’s also a place to try out creative recruiting ideas.

Get started (and gain some new followers) with these 5 social media tips for your small business:

1. Facebook Lead Gen Ads

Every day, more than a billion people log in to Facebook. That’s billion, with a B. It’s currently the most popular social network in the world—and that makes it a great place for hiring. With Facebook’s lead gen ads, you can take advantage of the social network’s massive size by creating attractive ads that will draw in applicants.

One of the benefits of Facebook’s advertising platform is that it is extremely sophisticated in terms of targeting. Lead gen ads let you select who will see the ad by location, education level, industry, job title, interests, hobbies and more. The lead gen ads then let you choose whether you’d like job seekers to fill out a form or go to directly to another site.

Having your post on a site like Snagajob means seekers can go ahead and apply once they arrive. Facebook also has an option to show your job posting on a job board that lives on your Facebook business page. This is a great place to direct prospective workers since it doesn’t take them away from Facebook.


2. Snapchat Snapcodes

More than 150 million people use Snapchat every day. In fact, the photo-sharing app is now even more popular than Instagram, Twitter and Facebook with a huge part of your recruiting audience: teenagers and young adults.

Check out our step-by-step guide to creating Snapchat Snapcodes, then share them online and even in posters and printed recruiting materials to reach applicants. When a job seeker sees a Snapcode, they can scan it with their mobile devices to access your careers page or job listing in-app.


3. Instagram Stories

Virtually identical to Snapchat stories, Instagram stories are a series of photos or videos that you can post that are available to your followers for 24 hours. This content can serve as news updates, an inside look at your business and a a spotlight on employees or events.

Get creative with recruiting through Instagram stories by posting a behind-the-scenes look at working for your company, then link to a job listing or careers page. Take note, this requires your site being verified by Instagram. And like most methods of social recruiting, it’s also good to have a mobile-friendly job post as well.


4. Facebook Jobs

Beyond just creating a Facebook post about an open job to reach your followers, you can now add an open position to Facebook Jobs. Facebook Jobs allows you to create a new job post with a picture and description—you can also add a question or two for applicants. After job seekers apply, you can contact them via Facebook Messenger to learn more about them or set up an interview.


Get Social on Social Media

The new reality is that many companies are using their social media accounts as megaphones rather than traditional social channels. The real idea behind social media is to share and engage in conversations. Recruiting on social media is a two-way street, and unless you treat it like that, you’ll find your results underwhelming.

By joining in on conversations with hashtags, commenting on posts and engaging with followers, you can improve the reach of your company. On Snagajob, every job you post comes with direct link that you can incorporate into your social media recruiting. When you share job postings and encourage employees to share them too, you can get your job posting in front of thousands of people that are already connected to your company in one way or another.

Whether you decide to make Facebook, Instagram or even Snapchat a part of your recruiting process, using social media for your small business is just one more way to instantly connect with job seekers where they are. So go ahead and post away!