[Video] Q4 2017 State of the Hourly Worker

Here's how 2,000+ hourly workers really feel about hourly work

Think you’ve got hourly workers figured out? Think again. We spend our days around motivated, hard-working hourly workers. They account for over 60% of the American workforce and over 80% of all hires made each year. But do you really know who they are and what they want?

We do. We asked more than 2,000 restaurant, retail and hospitality workers how they really feel about work in Snagajob’s bi-annual State of the Hourly Worker survey. We covered everything from their application experience to the rise of the gig economy to pay. Play our video above now to see what we found, including:

  • What motivates hourly workers to find a job—plus what your business can do to make them stay
  • What’s wrong with the job application process—and how you can create a better experience for your managers and applicants
  • How the gig economy is impacting hourly workers—and why it’s not what everyone thinks


About the State of the Hourly Worker Report

Since 2000, Snagajob’s mission has been to put people in the right fit-positions so they can maximize their potential and live more fulfilling lives. Now, we’re America’s leading marketplace for hourly work, serving more than 80 million registered job seekers. And it starts by knowing our audience.

That’s why twice a year, we ask hourly workers how they really feel about the issues impacting them the most—from wages to job applications (and everything in between).

The result? Our State of the Hourly Worker report, a compilation of the latest trends, data and insights straight from today’s hourly workers. These findings arm restaurant, retail and hospitality employers with the information they need to attract and retain the best hourly talent in an increasingly competitive landscape.

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