Today, mobile means so much more than simply making a call or sending a text. Our phones hold our entire lives — they keep our notes, maintain our relationships and even store our credit card information. So how does our relationship with mobile come into play in the business world? On one hand, mobile can help expedite orders, transactions and communication. On the other hand, customers are hesitant to make their private devices, and therefore private information, easily accessible to businesses. We’re going to go over some of the biggest trends in mobile and how they might affect your business and your customers.

Order by app

A few weeks ago, one Domino’s store did something weird —they turned off all of their phones. Anyone who was determined to have pizza that day had to find a different way to order. This move was done in light of recent data from the Interactive Advertising Bureau, which found that 69 percent of consumers used a smartphone or a tablet to order their food. The same study saw an increase in restaurant-specific app downloads.

Apps and mobile ordering can make quick service even faster by effectively cutting out the middle man when ordering things like pizza, especially if your customer is one of those people who likes “mushrooms, anchovies and extra pepperoni, but hold the sauce.” Domino’s made the move to increase orders through digital avenues, which currently drive 40 percent of all sales. Perhaps the other 60 percent aren’t quite comfortable forgoing that middle man just yet.

Mobile Gift Cards

For retailers, gift cards are a huge business, bringing in $120 billion last year with an expected $140 billion this year. Now, mobile gift cards apps such as Yiftee are becoming increasingly popular. The app allows gift cards to be stored on a mobile device. The user can see their balance and they can be used directly from the phone to make online or in-store purchases.

For consumers the pros are easily recognizable. How many times have you forgotten you had a gift card buried in the depths of your wallet? It’s a frustrating feeling whether it’s 50 bucks or five. The app will even send you a notification if you haven’t used a gift card.

This notification feature is great for retailers too. Gift cards help people get to your store and make purchases, that’s the point right? A mobile gift card app could also mean new opportunities for creating a larger revenue through gift cards. Mobile cards can be branded and personalized, and they can be tied to store promotions and loyalty programs. These mobile cards are expected to be HUGE come the holiday season so make sure your store is prepared.

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