Sometimes it’s good to do your own thing, while other times it’s good to take the lead from successful predecessors. When it comes to expanding your franchise concept, taking the lead from successful franchisors is the right approach. And successful franchisors know that a great hourly workforce is the key differentiator in a franchise.

According to Harris Interactive, 86 percent of people say they’ve stopped doing business with a company after just one bad customer service experience. Good employees will keep a franchise moving, great employees will help it grow and wrong-fit employees can cause a franchise to sink.

Helping your franchisees build a great workforce requires a proven approach focused on the business challenges your franchisees face.

When looking for a hiring solution partner to offer your franchisees, there are five things that should be on your “must have” list:

  • Experience in your industry – If you’re sick, you don’t go to an auto mechanic to diagnose your ailment. So when you’re looking for a hiring solution to meet your franchisees’ hourly hiring needs, look for a solution designed specifically for the hourly industry.
  • Proven ROI – Promising results is one thing, delivering them is another. Look for a partner who can point to success with franchise businesses.
  • A repeatable, consistent process – Whether your franchisees own multiple locations or turnover is leading to hiring needs more often than your franchisees (and you) may like, a consistent hiring process will deliver right-fit employees time and time again.
  • A solution from recruit to retain Attracting top talent is just the first step leading up to having a great hourly workforce. A solution that spans the life cycle of the new hire – from sourcing and assessing to onboarding and training – will help your franchisees manage the entire hiring process and will provide better efficiencies through integration.
  • Strong support – As a franchisor, you offer your franchisees support to help them run their businesses more effectively to produce better bottom-line results. When it comes to an hourly hiring solution, look for a partner who shares your support mentality and can help your franchisees troubleshoot any issue to maximize their contract.

Several ingredients go into a successful franchise, but what sets one apart from the other is the customer service that an hourly workforce provides. You can help your franchisees develop a stronger workforce by offering a partner with proven hiring solutions tailored for the hourly industry.

When faced with two similar businesses, customers will choose the one that provided an enjoyable experience in the past, and the more customers who choose your franchises, the more your franchise concept will grow, prosper and deliver profits.