Sound bites that peg political gridlock and indecision for what’s stifling employment in America are wildly off the mark, according to the findings of the Workforce Planning Survey commissioned by outsourcing provider Yoh.

Only 9 percent of executives surveyed in December 2011 from larger U.S. companies – companies with revenues greater than $750 million and workforces made up of more than 1,500 employees – said political uncertainty will discourage them from adding personnel in 2012.

“With due respect to our dear politicians, this one issue [of jobs stagnation] is probably bigger than them…the actions businesses (and the global economy as a whole) take are going to take precedence over anything decided in November,” writes Lance Haun, TLNT contributing editor and community director for, a sister website to

So what do the executives surveyed think will be the greatest obstacle to increased hiring? Economic uncertainty, said 61 percent. The next highest percentage – 24 percent – said lack of demand for products or services. Here’s the thing: this you can control. Your ability to make successful hires has a direct tie to an increased demand for your products and services.

A Michigan State University study revealed that online sourcing and assessments increase the likelihood of a successful hire by 75 percent. So while 56 percent of executives surveyed said their greatest challenge in workforce planning is recruiting/hiring the right people, those results could be zero. There are affordable and easy-to-use hiring systems featuring online sourcing and assessments, such as Snagajob’s, which is designed for use in hourly workforce-intensive industries, that are proven to help companies make successful hires.

These companies are able to:

  • Increase productivity: Posting jobs on, for example, gives companies access to millions of registered members plus many more visitors. Employers are likely to see an immediate increase in the number and quality of applications, giving them a better shot at hiring people who will work productively and stick with the job. Just how confident were the executives surveyed that they have enough employees with the skills and talents needed for strong performance in meeting customer needs? Only 26 percent were “very confident.” Fifty-six percent said they were “somewhat confident,” but face challenges recruiting enough qualified candidates.
  • Make service quality improvements: Snagajob is the only hiring solutions provider offering hourly position-specific assessments to determine which applicants have ideal character traits. It’s important that employers administer the right kind of assessments as part of the online application process. Companies that are able to hire right-fit employees are likely to see an improvement in the bottom line from service improvements that are directly tied to profitability. Not only that, but by recruiting high-quality candidates and making successful hires – hiring people who drive revenue increases – those companies are able to lower costly turnover and control labor, shrinkage and overtime costs.
  • Get employees working productively as soon as possible: Yoh’s survey asked executives how long it would take their organizations to recruit and train employees if the economy rebounded to pre-recession levels. Sixty-two percent reported that it would take three to nine months to find and train enough qualified employees to meet pre-recession customer demand. With a hiring system, such as Snagajob’s, in place, companies can build a pipeline of qualified applicants to shorten their ramp-up time significantly. Plus when online sourcing and assessments are coupled with an online training module, such as Snagajob’s soon-to-be-released Training Manager, they’re able to ramp up even more rapidly.

“The disconnect becomes clear through the survey’s findings. Businesses have been slow to apply truly proactive employment strategies, and without a change in direction, they will feel the consequences of this reckless approach,” Yoh’s president Lori Schultz says.

By getting a hiring system, such as Snagajob’s, in place this election year, you’ll begin increasing demand for your products or services through your ability to find high-quality people, make successful hires and get your new employees up to speed as quickly as possible. Your company will be poised and ready to capitalize as the economy rebounds. This election year you’ll win.