A smartphone with the Twitter logo on a desk
Every year, we poll over 1,000 hourly job-seekers to find out what makes the perfect job description. What do they look for first? What appeals to them most? What makes them apply? The answers to such queries can be found in this article and are usually repeated year after year, survey after survey.


But there are always more things to learn. This generation of job seekers has grown accustomed to short, concise, relevant and personal messaging, and the generations after will surely follow. Twitter is all about keeping things short, relevant and entertaining, and successful Twitter users are the ones whose messaging stands out in a sea of posts. Here are some things Twitter can teach you about writing a job description:

Keep it simple

Twitter has trained us to write succinctly—you have 140 characters or fewer to get your point across, and while job descriptions need to be a lot lengthier than that, the core value of keeping it simple remains. If you post too much information, seekers will zone out and move on. On the flip side, not posting enough information will make your job description look dubious at best.

Keep it relevant

When you don’t have a lot of space, you don’t have a lot of fluff. When you’re writing effective job descriptions, the goal should be to ensure a seeker can scan your posts and get valuable and relevant information from them. Remember that reading online has created a generation of readers dependent on scanning, so make sure all the salient points are in the open. Bulleted lists and line breaks can help with this. Take a look at one of our recent job description templates to get a better idea of what we mean.

Keep it short

No one has time to read a novel on your business, and as proud and informative as you want to be about who you are and what you’re looking for, remember that a lot of that exposition can happen during the interview process. For the most part, seekers want to know about the position, what it entails, where you’re located and if they are eligible to apply.

Keep it authentic

According to our own studies, almost 90 percent of hourly job seekers apply to places where they are already patrons. They know your atmosphere and your culture, and that factors into why they apply for your open positions. Be sure to represent the culture, tone and atmosphere of your business to attract the right personality types.


At the end of the day, what you put out there informs what you get back. If you’re still at a loss in terms of how to get started with writing effective job descriptions, check out some job description examples here.