Handling employee turnover can be a tough, ongoing process. Typically, it’s unexpected, which can leave a burden on you and your team. Catching the warning signs that an employee is going to quit early will allow you to set up an action plan.

Handling shifts

Pay attention to how employees handle their shifts. If one of your workers starts arriving late and leaving early, it can be one of the more obvious signs that they might be leaving soon. They’ll start to show less concern for the repercussions of their actions.

Overall lack of enthusiasm

When an employee knows their time at a company is coming to a close, you will start to see changes in their attitude. They may become less social with co-workers so it’s easier to cut ties when they leave. Also, you may notice them putting less effort into their work, resulting in a decrease in productivity.

Extra time off

Employees that are planning to quit tend to take excessive amounts of sick, vacation or personal time off so that it doesn’t go to waste. Changes in schedule could also indicate them making time for interviews.

While an employee quitting may seem abrupt, jumping ship can happen for a variety of reasons that you can tackle beforehand. The most common being lack of recognition, bored or unchallenged, conflict with managers and/or co-workers or personal issues. The best route to confront these types of issues is to communicate with your employees and put in place strategies for employee engagement. Use this unfortunate situation as an opportunity to assess your organization and come up with proactive measures to reduce employee turnover.