There is an interesting story that make the rounds recently about how President Barack Obama called Philadelphia Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie to thank him for hiring Michael Vick.

This is the same Vick who served 18 months on a federal dog fighting rap and crawled back to the NFL as a second-string longshot chased by PETA protesters, lawyers and linebackers. Fast forward a bit, and Vick is an MVP candidate and the top finisher in Pro Bowl voting.

In other words, the man who hired Michael Vick took a chance. And it paid off – big time.

I know this is a situation you face every day – not necessarily making a hire that could one day inspire a Disney movie – but facing difficult choices when hiring. Below, I’ve fleshed out some of the more popular tough hiring dilemmas.

To hire or not to hire?

Hiring overqualified employees:
Pro: Get an instant shot of experience and maturity for your workforce.
Con: The possibility of second thoughts, disenchantment and turnover is high.

Hiring inexperienced employees:
Pro: Net hungry employees looking to prove themselves.
Con: Unfortunately, the best way to gain experience is by making mistakes on your dime.

Hiring employees with “baggage:”
Pro: Looking past people’s faults and giving them a second chance will strike a rare chord of employee loyalty.
Con: The only thing worse than going out on limb for someone only to have it crack under you is hearing “I told you so” 13 times the next morning.

Hiring additional staff:
Pro: Ramping up to coincide with growth assures a smooth transition.
Con: Nothing good comes from having folks in uniform with nothing to do. (Actually, that’s where YouTube videos of workers bathing in the kitchen sink come from.)

Talent Management Systems, such as’s Sysdine hiring solution, will help give you the red and green light on potential new hires. But it’s those “yellow” applicants – the high-risk, high-reward, stuck-in-the-middle folks, who often require a little dose of human intuition as well.