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“Why do I need to create a different job posting for mobile?”- Justin M. 

Like it or not, mobile is here to stay. You can hail a ride with your phone, pay for groceries at your favorite grocery store – even the watch is getting smarter with innovations such as the Apple Watch. This trend rings just as true for the hourly job search. For Snagajob, nearly 60 percent of the traffic on our website comes from mobile visits. In addition, 90 percent of millennials tell us they search for jobs on their phones. If you haven’t already considered the best way for your business to take advantage of the mobile wave, now is the perfect time.

Don’t worry, making you job post mobile-friendly is simple and can help you connect with more applicants in the long run. Get started by putting a few of these tips into action. Next thing you know, your phone will be your next best tool for finding the workers you need.

Crafting a post for mobile is matter of taking it back to basics. Your post will be read on a smaller screen, so it’s important to provide the most relevant information and avoid being too wordy. Think more bullet points and less paragraphs. This would also be a smart place to include any visuals or logos that would catch a seeker’s eye on the screen.

Not only is it important that your post be easy to read on a mobile device or tablet, it should also be easy to navigate. Make sure any included links are functional and related instructions are easy to follow if a job seeker is interested in applying. Make it even easier for seekers to connect by making the most of the tools available on the market. Snagajob’s mobile app has features such as one-click apply to help streamline the process. There are also features on the employer-focused app that can help you hire on the go.

Writing a good job post is just the beginning of making the most of mobile. Consider what you can do on social media to grab the attention of those searching for work on their mobile devices; include links to your posting on Twitter and Facebook. Expand your reach beyond a “now hiring” sign in the window.

There are plenty of ways to find the hourly workers that you need. Stay ahead of the hiring curve and explore your different mobile options. If you’re interested, we can always help you get started.

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