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Control your recruiting results with pay for performance

A personalized recruiting process

Choose where you’ll post—and how you’ll pay for it— with Snagajob’s pay for performance model. We’ll help you determine the best ways for your brand to stand out in today’s competitive hiring landscape.

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Get what you pay for

Snagajob’s Sponsored and Performance Postings let you set the budget and choose the recruiting result—pay per click, lead or application. It’s completely up to you. You’re only charged for the results you receive.

Custom campaigns

Everything is built around your hiring challenges and goals. Whether you’re targeting specific markets or positions, we’ve got you covered.

ROI and results

Because you choose the result and set the budget, there are no surprises. You only pay for the value you receive—there’s no guessing or gimmicks.

Competitive edge

With unemployment so low, everyone is fighting for the same workers. You can use our pay-for-performance products to drive application flow—your competitors are already doing the same.

Custom campaigns, built for your goals

When you choose to pay based on performance metrics, we’ll work with you to create a campaign that’s focused on achieving your goals. Depending on those goals, market data and your budget, we’ll use a combination of these digital media solutions:

Sponsored postings

Your job posting will be given prominent position on Snagajob, like on the homepage and the top spots in search results. You’ll get more eyes on your postings and more clicks.

Email campaigns

Workers opt in to these campaigns, which means they’re looking for jobs in their inbox. We’ll send your postings out directly to these engaged job seekers.

Featured Employer

Get access to a prominent, differentiated position that appears at the top of the search results. Not only is your organization highlighted, but you will only pay for workers who engage with your brand.

Snagajob has the traffic to give you the volume you want

You’ll find new candidates every day when you choose Snagajob’s Pay for Performance. Our site traffic gives you the volume and variety you need when staffing at such a high level.

New visits

12+ million per month

Average time spent

8 minutes

Repeat visits

12+ million per month


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