Applicant tracking systems are super smart. So are SPHR-certified hiring professionals. Whether you have both or neither, you need to mix in a little common sense into your screening and hiring processes.

Sometimes, things (and people) sneak through the cracks.

After all, there are babies out there with their own credit cards and dogs with mortgages. In order to make sure your employment brand is never a punch line spread virally across the ‘Net, take a deep breath and perform the occasional gut check.

10 surefire signs your workers don’t fit:
  1. Three chairs, the copy machine and $53 in pennies went missing on “Bring Your Children To Work Day.”
  2. Your turnover rate is three digits and begins with a ‘3.’
  3. Every time you offer employees a raise and a promotion, they laugh, cry…and quit (in that order).
  4. You spend so much time interviewing applicants that you find yourself saying “Tell me about a time you [fill in the blank]” to friends and family.
  5. Your competitor left a stack of applications in your lobby. They’re all gone.
  6. You gave everyone off on April Fool’s Day because you were scared at what might happen.
  7. Your walk-in applicants routinely ask, “What’s the Internets?”
  8. There is goldfish swimming in the water cooler.
  9. Most employees don’t show up for work…on their first day
  10. Someone keeps calling the office line asking for “The Rev. Ronny Wiggles, Esquire.”

Remember, the more automated and seamless you make your recruitment process, the greater the likelihood that you’re attracting and retaining right-fit hourly workers. But no matter how consistent and predictable your screening and selection science may be, and how often you crunch your key metrics, remember to mix in the right amount of common sense.