Culture is a word that gets thrown around a lot when discussing ways to energize your workplace and engage employees. But where does one start when they want to create a culture unique to their brand and the people who make it possible? In the Snagajob office, there is a committee of employees devoted to coming together and planning special events and opportunities that represent the spirit and values of the company; that crew is appropriately named the Culture Squad.

So what can you do to create a Culture Squad of your own? Get things started by following these initial steps and kick up the culture in your hourly workplace.

Create a committee. A pretty important part of a culture-focused committee are the committee members. Round up your most enthusiastic employees and establish a monthly or quarterly meeting time. Use this time to brainstorm and schedule future plans. It should be a time where an open dialogue is encouraged.

Talk to your team. A culture grows from the attitude and values of your workplace so take the time to figure out what’s important to your team. Ask questions and open the floor to suggestions to discover what employees are really excited about and let those responses be the foundation for culture growth.

Stay pumped! Once you get the culture ball rolling, make an effort to stay excited. You and your new culture team influence how these exciting new changes are received, so keep smiling and encouraging others to stay pumped as well. Once you gain momentum, the potential to grow your workplace’s culture is limitless.

From a company kickball team to a special monthly dinner for your team, there are plenty of ways to keep employees engaged with your culture.  Have stories or suggestions? Tweet them to @SnagajobWorks – we’d love to hear them. Happy hiring!