There’s still some time to make the most of the summer hiring season (remember, most seasonal jobs will be filled by the end of May). If you’re trying to craft the perfect job description to help you find your dream summer hire, our recent homepage poll has some results you might be interested in.

We asked job seekers on our site, “When looking for a summer job, what is most important to you?” After receiving over 3,000 responses, we got a clear idea of applicants’ priorities in searching for a summer position, as well as what’s the least important. Take note and you could be on the way to crafting the perfect job description.

1. Embrace flexibility. When answering what’s most important when searching for a job, 37 percent of job seekers listed flexible hours. This attribute, receiving the highest number of votes, could be a possible determining factor on how appealing your job will be appear to applicants. If you do offer flexible scheduling, make sure to list that detail prominently in your post. Also be open to discussing potential hours with candidates during the recruiting process.

2. Focus on pay and place. As expected, pay and location are also at the top of the average job seeker’s list. With 26 percent of respondents voting for wage, don’t be shy with showcasing what starting pay will look like for a summer hire. Don’t keep seekers guessing; be direct and honest about what their potential paycheck could be. Business location was just as important to job seekers, with around 24 percent of the votes. If you’re business is bike friendly or easily accessible by public transportation, highlight that in the description.

3. Don’t depend entirely on brand. Only eight percent of respondents believed the brand name of the company was important when looking for work. These numbers don’t mean you should ditch your brand when searching for new hires. Let other benefits of your position shine through instead of hoping brand name alone can grab the attention of job seekers.

Knowing what job seekers want can make it easier to find the summer hires you need. If you have any seasonal hiring questions, tweet them to @SnagajobWorks and we’ll get right back to you. Happy summer hiring!