When you hear the term Generation Y or Millennial, what do you think of? Some might think of their dedication to special causes or their entrepreneurial spirit. On the other hand, others might rely on stereotypes, such as a constant need to be ‘coddled’ or the inability to focus on tasks at hand.

Here at Snagajob, where our target market is 16 to 24 year olds, we have found this to not be the case. Job seekers share their aspirations and goals, strengths and struggles with us, lending these bold allegations on a few bad apples.

Here are a few reasons why you shouldn’t be so quick to judge so-called Millennials:

1)  When looking at their next hourly position, 37 percent of job seekers say they are hoping to find a position which they can hold for five years of longer. And 25 percent say they hope to stay at their next position for one to three years. Millennials are looking forward to their future and hoping to find stability with your company.

2) Twenty-one percent of job seekers who previously held a restaurant position, left voluntarily citing opportunity for growth and advancement as the main reason. This goes beyond coddling and waiting on parents to get involved. You should be establishing career paths for your employees to keep them excited and passionate, no matter how old they are. If you aren’t, you can be sure they’re going to head out.

3) Of job seekers who have held a restaurant position, 77 percent are looking for a restaurant job to work directly with customers and 65 percent want to work other ‘front of house’ positions. Job seekers don’t want to stay glued to their screens all day; they may be tech savvy, but they are craving customer interaction and customer service opportunities to shine.

4) Millennials are always connected and it’s not a bad thing. We asked over 5,000 of our job seekers about their online and social media activity and found that on average job seekers spend 27 hours per week online. This may seem like an exuberant amount but 47 percent of job seekers are using social networking sites during their job search and that’s because a quarter of them received a job opportunity from a connection. Having your current employees ‘plugged in’ and sharing how great of a workplace you are can lead to stronger referrals and better new employees overall.

The phrases ‘Millennial’ and ‘Generation Y’ shouldn’t be creating a negative stigma but an opportunity for your company to keep moving forward in finding stronger employees.  Looking for stability, craving growth and being technologically savvy shouldn’t be a reason to pass on a potential employee. Not only have the Millennials arrived in your applications, they’ve arrived as customers and it’s time to catch up..