Congress was working up to the last minute to find a solution to the nation’s budget issues. Unfortunately, on October 1, the shutdown was enacted  and various branches of the federal government are now closed indefinitely, leaving various types of government workers without jobs until a solution is reached.

In the days leading up to the government shutdown, noticed an increase in activity, specifically in visitors searching in Washington, where a majority of jobs are federally funded. September 30, the day before the shutdown officially began, Snagajob had its highest volume of website visits ever from the D.C. area. See the graph pictured below.

The last four weeks showed an increase in site visits, with the district experiencing an average week over week growth of 105 percent preceding the shutdown. Compared to other major cities, such as Atlanta, Houston and Los Angeles, the spike was tremendous.  See the graph pictured below.


Average week over week growth over the last four weeks 

 – Washington D.C.: 105 percent
 – Los Angeles: 25 percent
 – Atlanta: 22 percent
 – Philadelphia: two percent  

Most visitors were searching for work in the food and restaurant industry, followed, in order, by retail, customer service, and hotel/hospitality.

Residents of Washington with jobs in the federal government seem to be preparing for what could potentially be an indefinite amount of time without work. Historically, the shortest shutdown lasted a single day; the longest government shutdown lasted 21 days.