With the holiday season in full swing, now is the time to evaluate your temporary employees. No matter how good a team has been assembled, most payrolls can’t support everyone past the busy season. Maintaining positive relationships with your seasonal hires will make things less awkward now and can even put you ahead of the game for your next rush.

Your seasonal super stars should be easy to spot. Try to keep employees who:

  • Keep customers happy
  • Handle pressure with ease
  • Have great/perfect attendance
  • Eagerly volunteer
  • Express interest in long-term employment

Employees that demonstrate these qualities should be treasured. Let them know when you notice their good work. Towards the end of your seasonal employment period you should be excited to offer them a permanent position.

You might think you can’t support additional employees. However, availability can change with the season so before you cut shifts, start gathering information. Adjusting for all your employee’s post-holiday plans could leave space for a few promising workers.

If your hours still look tight, ask your temporary staff if they’d like to return next year. If you can get a few employees to pledge their allegiance, it’ll make hiring easier when the time comes. Keep in touch with these individuals through the year with a few casual emails to ensure their intentions persist.

When the time comes, make clean cuts. Set a firm deadline for seasonal employment to avoid confusion. The holiday season generally ends around mid-January but temporary staff might be unclear when their hours will stop. If you give them a good timeline they can make plans and you can part ways respectfully.

Try to schedule exit interviews with each seasonal worker. This is the perfect opportunity to suggest improvements or offer a long-term position. You will also benefit from hearing feedback about your work environment.

Your seasonal employees help you succeed through your most profitable periods. Even if you can’t provide a job, you can always provide a positive impression of your company. Respect your seasonal employees now and the only thing temporary will be your time apart.