Snagajob has been hard at work updating our Employer Solutions website to make it even more awesome than before. The most recent update we’re excited about is the new Our Customers page, where employers can learn more about the work we do for our customers through case studies, testimonials and more.

We want to shout from the roof tops about the latest changes to the site, but for now, we’re going to make a quick list of what you can expect from the Our Customers page. The updated page is:

Easier to navigate. The new site design puts everything in front of you, so navigating through pages is simpler.  Feel free to explore and discover more about the work we’ve done for our customers.

Easier to search. When it comes to case studies and testimonials, we’ve got a lot of them. So we added a new search function that makes pinpointing what you’re looking for as simple as checking off a box (or two). Plus, you can narrow your search down by industry or hiring need, making easy a whole lot easier.

Easier to learn more. If you like what customers are saying about us and want to learn more, all you have to do is scroll to the bottom of each page. That’s where you’ll find links to pages on our site that can give you more information about Snagajob and the work we do in the hourly marketplace.

So go ahead and see for yourself, check out the new and improved Our Customers page by clicking here. Enjoy and happy hiring!