Sometimes less is more. Sometimes more is less. Sometimes they are more or less the same. Confused yet?

When you’re considering how to recruit for a job opening, is posting your opportunity through online classifieds like Craigslist the right approach? Conventional wisdom may tell you to post your job on Craigslist because the more people who see it, the better chance you have to find a candidate. Fifty million users and 20 billion page views a month can’t hurt, right? Unfortunately, you may inadvertently create the needle-in-a-haystack effect. You maFunnel candidatesy end up sifting through hundreds of applicants – most of whom are not qualified for your position.

This does not mean that you have to say sayonara to Craigslist. You can parlay Craigslist’s wide reach into an effective recruitment tool if you use it to promote your opportunity to the masses, but filter applicants to a niche job board with an online application process that features behavioral assessments. A Michigan State University study revealed that traditional hiring techniques – like those you’d employ using Craigslist results only – provide a 14 percent likelihood of a successful job hire, but when behavioral assessments are thrown in the mix, the success rate jumps to 75 percent.

Follow the steps below to harness the power of Craigslist and niche job boards to turn your recruitment strategy into a lean, mean candidate finding machine.

  • Seek out the right niche job board for your position. Start your search with the top niche job sites. If you’re recruiting for an hourly position, and you probably are if you’re here, Snagajob’s combination of more than 30 million registered job seekers and talent sourcing delivers top candidates that are clearly identified for hiring managers.
  • Draft a killer job description for Craigslist and your niche job board. Your job posting is your first line of defense to avoid unqualified candidates. Be clear and concise and answer a few critical questions. What are the daily job activities and skills required to perform those tasks? Are there any unusual aspects of the job? Don’t avoid the elephant in the room – how much does the job pay and what are the hours?
  • Provide a clear link from Craigslist to the job board. Providing the link to your job posting at the bottom of your Craigslist ad can work, but to avoid confusion, provide a vanity URL. Consider how memorable is and its clear call to action.
  • Watch the qualified applicants roll in. The beauty of having the right online process is that the qualified candidates come to you. A series of filter and behavioral questions determine which candidates fit the core characteristics for your industry, and deliver those candidates to you wrapped neatly in a bow.
  • Choose which candidates you will interview. Pick the highly suited candidates you want to interview, and take the next step to hire your next great employee.

You don’t have to file Craigslist away in your “tools once effective but now obsolete” drawer. Pairing Craigslist with a niche job board allows you to capitalize on Craigslist’s growing community while avoiding a rush of unqualified applicants. Sometimes you need more than one stone for a bird.