If you’re looking for a book on how to be a better manager or to get an idea of what to expect from a management position, you’ll have a ton of books from which to choose. Everyone has their opinion, strategy or theory that is promised to lead you on your path to management success. The most useful books tend to be those penned by authors who can draw on previous experience to offer insights gained after they’ve tripped a few times and learned a better way to walk the walk.

Hourly employers face a different set of challenges and opportunities than employers with a majority salaried staff. High turnover, inaccurate social stigmas and an extremely fast pace are just a few hurdles facing hourly employers. So if you’re looking for tips to improve your management at an hourly business, you’ll find the most value in a book written for hourly employers by an expert in the business.

Enter the Andersons. In their book, “Flip-N-Burgers,” the husband and wife duo offers a “his and hers” perspective to management success in the quick-service restaurant industry. His perspective as a restaurant operator and hers as a tenured human resources expert are combined to offer candid advice that they’ve gathered over their cumulative 43 years of experience in the industry.

A few things stood out as I read the book:

  • The importance of training in every aspect of the business. Never assume that your staff just gets it. Watch employees perform tasks and be hands-on to ensure proper understanding.
  • Planning is critical to a successful business. Set weekly goals with action steps and plan for time to plan.
  • Tips to reduce waste in what the Andersons call “a penny profit business.”
  • Quality, service and cleanliness – QSC – must be the foundation of your business.
  • Role model the behavior you want. As a manager, employees will take their cues from you. If you want employees to be friendly to customers, you have to be friendly to your employees.
  • Consistency is king in HR practices.

While the book offers a guide to success in restaurant management, many of the tips from the book can be applied to all hourly businesses. Cleanliness is imperative in restaurants, but a dirty retail store will just as quickly repel customers. The importance of offering customers a friendly face and great service at the drive-thru carries equal weight at the hotel front desk.

If you’re considering a career in the restaurant industry, are new to hourly management or are just looking for thoughtful advice from two of your peers, “Flip-N-Burgers” will provide sound and balanced guidance on your path to management success.

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