Snagajob understands that it can be difficult to find expertise geared specifically toward the hourly workforce. So we gathered up some of the best minds in hiring to bring you the Hire Learning series, a collection of videos devoted to building advanced skills around maximizing the potential of your hourly employees.

We sat down with best selling author and renowned speaker Chester Elton, whose recent book “All In” addresses how creating great workplace cultures can lead to better bottom line results for organizations. Elton kicks off the Hire Learning series by listing three ways to start promoting from within and start encouraging employee engagement.

1. Communicate – Make sure employees know as soon as they start working that your organization is eager to develop great talent and pull potential leaders from the workforce. Encourage managers to share personal stories of the steps they took to get their leadership position. Establishing the possibility of promotions from the get-go can attract employees who are determined and interested in starting their career path.

2. Identify – Pinpoint your “fast trackers”, the employees who stay motivated and display a sense of passion for your brand. A sincere display of intensity and energy make it easy to identify a potential leader. Take the time to tell the employee that he/she is doing great work and are on your radar for a possible promotion.

3. Enable – Train, coach or mentor employees to better prepare them for leadership positions. Create different way for your employees to develop essential leadership skills, providing them with the chance to learn. This approach also gives you the opportunity to determine if an employee is capable of handling more responsibility.

Start empowering your workforce by communicating with employees, identifying potential leaders and enabling those who are ready to move forward in your organization. Your next great leader could already be a part of your team. To learn more, check out the entire interview with Chester Elton on Snagajob’s Hire Learning page. Stay tuned for even more educational videos from Hire Learning.