Hotels worry that guests might have a remarkably bad experience. Literally, an experience bad enough to spark a negative review online where a lot of people would see it is a hotel’s worst nightmare.

Negative reviews posted on online review databases like TripAdvisor, the site millions of travelers use to decide where to stay, can break the back of a fledgling bed-and-breakfast or family hotel business and can make a huge dent in the profitability of even the most established hotel chains.

People who take the time to submit their unbiased reviews of the places they’ve stayed often are motivated by a desire to give back to the review community that provided guidance to them. But a fair number of them are magnanimous simply because they had an experience they feel was worth sharing.

If your job is to fill open hourly positions within a hotel business, surely you know how important it is to hire people who will consistently serve guests exceptionally well – lest you end up on any review site’s “worst” list. And then you may no longer have a reason to be hiring.

Because at that point, all the amenities, convenience, curb appeal, parking and rooms you have might not be enough to save the business. Mostly, it’s not those things reviewers cite as a reason to stay away – it’s the people who were rude to them or shoddy in the service they provided.

There’s really one thing to do to avoid the anger of word-of-mouth gone bad. Start hiring better people faster.

But how do you land maids who take pride in their work, front desk clerks who have infinite patience or bartenders who turn the lounge into a destination of its own?

  • Post your jobs on a niche job site, such as Snagajob’s, where it’s been shown that job seekers are much higher in quality. You need to be where the best people available go to search for jobs if you want to have a shot at them.
  • Use a job posting service like Snagajob’s that takes people through an online application process featuring filter questions and a behavioral assessment. It’s the preferred way to apply, and you’ll save time and money by identifying quickly who you’d love to have working for you.
  • Get the applicants who possess desirable skills, experience and character traits in place, and customers saying good things about your business, faster. Using hiring solutions and software like what Snagajob offers will give you a jump on competitors.

You’ll have a competitive advantage once you have great people in place and creating a remarkable experience for guests (the good kind of remarkable, that is).

Every hotel business could use feedback. Every hotel business can get better. The prevalence of online reviews doesn’t spell disaster for the industry. It rewards the best places to stay and incentivizes the not-so-great ones to improve the quality of the experience.

So think of online review databases as what’s holding your feet to the fire. And Snagajob as what will help you keep them from getting burned.