The companies that keep things hopping and the conditions pleasant for stadiums, office buildings, healthcare institutions, school cafeterias, and the wide variety of other places where large groups of people gather have one thing in common: a huge need for an effective hourly hiring process.

About half (and in some cases more) of the total number of people employed by companies that provide facilities management services are hourly workers. Their job performance has a direct bearing on how people use and feel in these communal spaces — and whether their employers are able to keep the customers they have and land new business.

For companies that provide facilities management services for their customers, a lot is riding on the quality of the hourly workforce. Here is what companies in this industry can do to conduct the hourly hiring process effectively and bring in the right people to everyone’s benefit:

Don’t just rely solely on referrals. Snagajob customers often tell us that referrals aren’t nearly as helpful as incorporating behavioral assessments into the hourly hiring process. What happened recently to a Snagajob customer is fairly representative of what happens when referrals are taken at face value. An employee recommended a friend, and the friend applied through Snagajob, taking a behavioral assessment as part of the process. The general manager had the referral’s assessment result on hand, which indicated that the person wouldn’t perform well in the position. The hiring manager at the location hired the friend based entirely on the referral without giving any weight to the assessment result. The person ended up performing in line with the assessment result, and the company was left with the cost of turnover, an open position to back fill and resentment of a top-notch employee. An assessed candidate is a much less risky new hire.

Join the crowd of quality job seekers. Once you have behavioral assessments informing your hiring decisions, you need to be drawing from the best candidate pool you can (i.e. sourcing effectively). Otherwise you’ll be assessing a bunch of job seekers and in the end not finding many, if any, to be suitable. Consider assessments as the way to separate the great candidates from the good for the best results. The great candidates tend to be smart about their job search. They search niche job sites such as to pinpoint the positions that would offer them the best working environment and earning potential relative to their experience and skills. Job seekers applying through niche job boards have been found to be higher in quality than those on general job boards and much higher in quality than those who rely on newspaper ads to find work. Begin assessing and, at the same time, attracting the attention of great candidates by posting your job openings on niche job boards where smart job seekers focus their search.

Move toward consistency. Once you begin assessing a group of higher quality job seekers, your hiring decisions become more informed and less likely to lead to frustration among your referral-happy employees.  But make sure you’re using the same tactical hiring process consistently across the organization. If your facilities management services earn a reputation for being hit or miss, so too will be your ability to stay profitable and competitive. If across the board you’re filling open hourly positions with quality people and earning a reputation for being the best in the business, you’ll not only be able to grow, but you’ll also earn the designation of being the employer of choice. You’ll see demand for your jobs among the people you’d love to have working for you will grow. The cycle of providing better services because you have better people to perform them because they’re better suited for their positions takes the place of the frustrating cycle once associated with the hourly hiring process: referrals leading to turnover leading to referrals.

Where people are able to gather comfortably and enjoy each other’s company, it’s likely that behind the scenes there’s a facilities management services company with an effective hourly hiring process in place. There is really no better way for these companies to please a crowd than to have a way to find the best people available to fill open hourly positions.