How much do you rely on experience when hiring?

A Snagajob survey revealed that 33 percent of employers prefer to hire applicants who are already employed. Although a solid job history can say a lot, some experts believe that inexperience could have more to offer.


Better attitude – The fresh attitude of first-time employees make your objectives seem like exciting new challenges.

Good habits – Inexperienced workers have more opportunity to become specialized because they only know the specific practices and procedures of your job.

New ideas – Fresh perspectives help discover new ideas and practices. The innocent questions of a newcomer can help reveal better methods or improve your practices.

Limitless potential – Inexperienced applicants have incredible room for growth and the energy to achieve anything. There is no telling how far their talent will go.

More value – Established superstars usually require higher compensation to be recruited but new workers have undiscovered potential that you can test at manageable wages.

Everlasting loyalty – If new employees are presented with opportunities for growth, they’ll want to stay with your company for as long as they can.

Experts say that certain soft-skills identify potential employees better than relying on previous experiences. David Williams, CEO of Fishbowl, claims his “7 Non-Negotiables” allow him to judge applicants in only 30 minutes with 99 percent accuracy.

These qualities include:

  1. Respect
  2. Belief
  3. Loyalty
  4. Commitment
  5. Trust
  6. Courage
  7. Gratitude

“We’re looking for candidates who exhibit these characteristics, and we’re watching the way they interact—their body language, eye contact, whether they are articulate—a good listener—and whether they can express what they feel without feeling nervous,” says Williams.

Undeveloped resumes could be prime real estate for building your next strong employee. Give an inexperienced job seeker a chance at your job position and find out exactly what they’re capable of. Happy hiring!

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