This week, all over the great US of A, Americans will be celebrating our nation’s independence.  Most people have the day off to enjoy the holiday and end up looking for things to do on July 4th. If you find yourself in this predicament, consider all the fun options that exist thanks to the dedication of hourly workers and their employers.

– The great American past time is baseball (or competitive eating, depending on who you ask) and Independence Day is the perfect time to head out to the diamond. Without hourly workers, there would be no one to handle ticket sales or guide you to your seat. And forget about buying some peanuts and Cracker Jacks since hourly employees are essential to the concession stand you visit during the seventh-inning stretch.

– Revelers looking to beat the heat usually make their way to their local swimming pool. Without hourly workers, there would be no lifeguards to keep a watchful eye on all the swimmers splashing around. Plus, the snack stands that serve your favorite sweet treat wouldn’t be staffed, so no more poolside grubbin’.

– Of course, you can’t list things to do on July 4th without mentioning barbecues. If you need to hit the grocery store for some last minute grill items, keep in mind the store is still open thanks to the managers and hourly workers stocking the shelves and ringing up your purchase. Without them, a simple quest for ketchup could turn into a disaster.

– Some families visit theme parks for July 4th fun and, of course, it wouldn’t be possible without the contributions of the hourly worker. Roller coasters need someone to safely run them and funnel cake doesn’t fry itself (unfortunately); the employees working through the holiday are a key part to ensuring your memorable park experience.

These are just a few of the July 4th activities that we enjoy thanks to hourly workers’ devotion. So this year, when you’re honoring our founding fathers with slightly burnt burgers and skirting the lines of firework safety, remember all the fun you’re having wouldn’t be possible without the hard work of great American businesses and their hourly workers.