There are many benefits to having a customer loyalty program, one of the biggest being retention of existing customers. Offering deals and rewards to your best buyers can create trust and loyalty that will keep those customers coming back for more. But that doesn’t have to stop with your customers, take a look at these findings from Loyalogy, leading provider of loyalty program analysis, and make strides to add loyalty in your workforce.


Create excitement

Consumers could increase their visit rate to a restaurant by an average of 35 percent if there was an appealing restaurant rewards program. Not only do you want customers excited to see you, you also want your employees to be thrilled to be there. Create a way to recognize or reward your top performers so they can’t wait to get to work. Keeping a performance board in the break room where employees can track their progress and receive recognition in front of their peers can build pride while stirring up some friendly competition.

Be transparent

Consumers want loyalty programs that are clearly outlined, such as gaining points based on spending or visits. Do the same with your employees. Make sure expectations and opportunities for growth are explained without confusion so they can take the steps needed to grow in your organization. Items such as highest weekly sales or most orders completed can be clear metrics and goals your team can strive to achieve.

Increase your recommendations

Seventy-three percent of consumers are more likely to recommend a restaurant to others if it offered a rewards or loyalty program. By offering a rewards or recognition program within your company, your employees will be more proud to share where they work with friends and family, increasing your referrals and leading to better new hires.

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