Now’s the time to gear up for summer hiring and maybe you have one or a dozen positions you’re looking to fill. How do you make your summer position the most attractive in the sea of job postings? We asked over 3,000 of our 50 million registered job seekers what is the most important to them when looking for a summer job.

Flexible hours

Thirty-seven percent of job seekers say that a summer time position that offers flexible hours is the most important to them. This can allow for family vacations and having time to spend with friends. If you position is flexible, make it known in the posting that you’re willing to work with the seeker to attract more applicants.


It’s no secret, job seekers want to know what they’re going to get paid on these hot summer nights and 27 percent listed this as the most important thing they’re looking for. This attribute may be even more important with the talks around raising minimum wage and some businesses being more public about what they are offering as wages. If your company feels comfortable listing wages, this can help get more eager job seekers in the door.


Whether it’s close to home or near the beach, 25 percent of seekers are looking for location before applying. This can be difficult if you’re hiring for multiple locations. If you are, make a point to list that in the posting or link to your website where they can find more information about your locations. When it comes to younger seekers, they may need to set up reliable transportation for the summer and knowing location in advance can help out tremendously before the interview.

Job duties and brand name, not so much

Out of all the attributes, nine percent of seekers were interested in job duties and only two percent were looking for a specific brand name of the company before applying for a position. This may be due to seekers looking for temporary or entry level positions for the season or keeping their sights on jobs close to home that fit their schedules.

Attract the talent you’re looking for to tackle your summer rush by including what job seekers are looking for in your posting. Happy Hiring!