This is the second in a series of blog posts helping employers learn more about hiring online and what it can do for them. Read the first post here.

Myth – job seekers don’t have computers

A common concern employers voice about recruiting online is the loss of potential candidates who don’t have computer access.  The fear of losing possible employees  discourages managers from expanding their search to the web.

However, more job seekers have internet access than you think, especially since computers aren’t the only way to get online; mobile devices also play a huge role in how people look for jobs. Our research shows that the hourly job seeker is online and mobile savvy.

We discovered:

– 93 percent of job seekers have a desktop or laptop computer.

– 60 percent of job seekers have internet access on their mobile devices.

– 25 percent of mobile device owners use that device in their job search.

– 68 percent of those who use their mobile device in the job hunt consider them important job search tools.

Job seekers are plugged in and using that knowledge to find the right-fit job for them. Posting positions online increases your exposure and makes it easier for qualified candidates to find you. Plus, searching for employees online allows you to hire on the go with your smartphone or mobile device, leaving you with more time to focus on other managerial duties.

Now that this paperless myth has been busted, find out how you can start finding employees online. Have any questions about the online hiring process? Leave a comment below and we might answer it in a future post!