If you’re an employer working in a college town or near a college campus, you know that end of summer can only mean one thing: school is back in session. Where students see new classes and toga parties, you might see busier days for your business and an opportunity to bring on some new hires.

When reaching out to students in search of hourly work, there are different steps you can take to make your hiring process successful. Keep the following tips in mind before you start advertising your job in the campus gazette:

Promote from within. If you’re trying to fill higher-level positions, such as shift leader or manager, start by considering the promotion of current employees or employees that are returning to work  in the fall. This enables employee engagement while providing you with the confidence that you’re hiring someone you can trust. Plus, the potential of possible career advancement will help to attract eager job seekers.

Share the perks of the job. Give your job descriptions a competitive edge by listing the various perks of working for you. Let job seekers know if you’re willing to work with a flexible schedule, which can be very important to students trying to find a job that works well with their class times. Also include how close you are to the school’s campus; if you’re not walking distance, let applicants know of any nearby bus stops or how long the average bike ride would take from the dorms. This can help you stand out among the other employers looking for quality hires.

Communicate with job seekers. When looking for work, the average hourly job seeker applies to three jobs at once, waiting for a response so they can start working as soon as possible. Avoid losing applicants by contacting them in a timely manner once you’ve reviewed their information. Whether you plan on hiring them or not, letting them know your decision shows you respect their time and effort.

Team up with a partner. Today’s job seekers, especially students, rely heavily on technology in their job search. And it goes beyond the computer screen – seekers have been going mobile, using smartphones and other mobile devices to look for jobs. By working with a third-party partner that understands the hourly market , you can get job postings where students are looking (online, their phones, etc.) and better pinpoint the quality applicants in your area.

Consider these tips when school starts back up this fall and you’re sure to start the new semester on the right foot. Happy hiring!