Wimbledon always has its fair share of dramaand surprises. With every loss and accompanying victory, there are some lessons to be found not only for the players, but for employers as well. So put on your tennis whites and consider these three pro tips we learned from this year’s Wimbledon championship: 

1. Don’t let assumptions sway your decisions. When the tournament kicked off this summer, tennis fans everywhere assumed that Roger Federer would breeze through his competition. So when his second-round match came to an end and Federer walked off the court with a loss, the outcome came as quite a shock to fans around the world. As an employer, avoid relying on assumptions and “gut-feelings” when considering a candidate to avoid any surprises in your workplace. Instead, have applicants complete behavioral assessments and use interview questions that can provide more insight into a potential employee’s personality. These approaches can help you pinpoint better-fit hires and you can’t argue with a call like that.

2. Be patient with nervous candidates. German player Sabine Lisicki was really feeling the pressure during the women’s final match; her nerves were affecting her game and focus.The German player was so rattled she even shed a few tears on Centre Court. Candidates may not start crying during interviews (hopefully), but most people you interview will still be pretty nervous about a potential job opportunity. Creating an atmosphere that’s professional and comfortable will put candidates at ease, making it easier to learn more about them.

3. Hire from within. When Andy Murray won Wimbledon this year, he was the first male British player to do so in over 70 years. All over the United Kingdom, people were excited to celebrate one of their own bringing home the title. You can achieve the same sense of hometown glory with your workforce by promoting from within. Increase employee engagement by offering opportunities for advancement and encouraging staff to think about the different ways they can contribute to the team.

So next time you’re searching for a new hire, remember these lessons taken straight from Centre Court – you’ll ace the hiring process for sure.