The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) Annual Conference begins this Sunday in Atlanta, Ga. Every year, the conference is packed with HR tips, recruiting tricks and swanky cocktails. It’s also a forum to talk about everything in the HR space. But workplace culture always bubbles to the top.

Names like Google, Zappos and Pixar are known for their workplace cultures, and it’s no coincidence that each is a very successful business. Workplace culture can have a real impact on a business’s bottom line.

The focus on culture shouldn’t stop at businesses with salaried employees. Businesses dominated by hourly employees can see the same benefit of investment in their workplace culture. At Snagajob, we’d argue that having a great workplace culture is one of the keys to success in the hourly space because your frontline employees are in charge of the customer experience. And happy employees translate into good customer service, which drives repeat business.

So, this year at SHRM, we’re tackling frontline culture head on. Greg Moyer, chief people officer for Snagajob, and Dave McKlveen, staffing manager at Chipotle, will lead a discussion on the importance of workplace culture: what is it, why do you need it and how do you build it?

We’ll share insights on the ingredients that create a great workplace culture, drawing from our own experience, which led to us being named the No. 1 small company to work for in America by the Great Place to Work Institute.

After we cover the basics of good culture, we’ll move into the hourly space, drawing on the expertise we’ve gained over these last 12 years helping hourly employers recruit, hire and retain the best hourly workforce. Dave will share Chipotle’s unique approach that has allowed the business to become a high-growth, fast-casual restaurant chain noted for empowering its hourly workforce and promoting from within.

You’ll leave our booth with a full understanding of the gap between workplace culture perceptions and reality, as well as the importance of company values, leadership and people practices. You’ll also know what that funky chart at the top of the page is all about.

Visit us at booth 2031, Monday, June 25 at 2 p.m., or Tuesday, June 26 at noon. We hope to see you there!

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