As the year comes to an end, people tend to look back and reflect. We’d rather look forward and share our excitement about what the new year will bring.  So we interviewed a few of our resident hiring experts and got the inside scoop on what Snagajob has up its sleeve for 2014. Product manager Nick Jester took the time to sit down and give us a teaser of what his department is working on to make the hiring process easier for employers and job seekers.

Reducing friction is a New Year’s Resolution.  Finding the perfect job or the right-fit person to hire for a job shouldn’t be so complicated. So the product team is working on ways to simplify the process and reduce friction. For employers, this means creating a platform that puts different hiring tools together. For job seekers, it’s the promise of a more efficient way to complete applications.

“For example, if you say you have a driver’s license, that’s something we’ll be able to remember,” said Jester. “Not only can we recommend that job seeker to positions that require a license, that won’t have to be answered again for any other application.”

Growing with mobile. In the hourly marketplace, the use of mobile continues to get bigger and bigger, so another focus of 2014 is innovating products that allow employers to hire from their favorite mobile device. “We’re building all of the employer apps and are really focused on getting apps out for all the products we sell,” Jester said.

Putting hiring tools in the hands of more employers. Snagajob has an array of hiring tools that a lot of employers might not know they have direct access to. So the product teams plans to spread the word about the convenience and effectiveness of Snagajob’s e-commerce offerings. “We want to increase the number of people that use our tools directly,” said Jester.

That’s just a taste of what the 2014 has to bring. Check back for more exclusive interviews on what Snagajob has in store for the new year. Happy hiring!