One of the largest challenges that franchisees face after signing the franchise agreement is staffing up their locations and training new employees.

Human resource professionals for multi-unit franchises are in a unique juxtaposition when it comes to hiring. You want to hire employees who are engaging and unique to provide memorable customer service. But you need to hire hundreds, maybe thousands, of employees across locations who will provide a similar customer experience to build brand loyalty and repeat business.

So how can you hire in mass and find people who can bring their unique attributes to your business but deliver a consistent customer service across all locations? First, focus on finding individuals with desirable core characteristics at the interview level.

Take a long, hard look at your business and determine what characteristics are essential to success. Are you in a high-stress industry where employees with high frustration tolerance will thrive? Will your employees be trusted with large volumes of cash or inventory? If so, self control may be at the top of your list. If your brand has a fun and exciting personality your employees should posses high energy to ensure your employees are aligned with your brand.

Once you’ve determined the characteristics that matter, you can bake behavioral assessments into your online hiring process. Behavioral assessments allow you to ask questions during the application process to determine if the applicant is compatible with the characteristics essential to your business. By scoring applicants against your business’s core characteristics you can quickly identify the strongest candidates for you or your hiring manager to interview, and can feel confident that they possess the basic qualities needed to provide strong and consistent customer service.

Once you have the top candidates at the interview, you can begin looking for the individual qualities that will make each new hire a unique addition to your business. The end result will be employees or locations with individual personalities but with the same underlying characteristics that define your brand.

If you determine a handful of core characteristics for your employees, and make those prerequisites for employment, you will build a workforce of like-minded employees that, while each will bring their distinct personalities, will reinforce your brand and provide a consistent experience no matter how many locations you’re staffing. It’s a golden paradox of similar individuality.