Small Business Saturday is November 30, and we’re so excited about shopping small that we’re devoting the entire week to our very own local small business owners. From November 25-29, we’ll be featuring profiles on small business owners based in Snagajob’s hometown, Richmond, Va. Every day will be another chance to learn more about men and women doing the work they love while contributing to their community.

TidalWheel was started by two friends who loved the physical and spiritual benefits of spinning and wanted to move that passion from New York City to their hometown of Virginia Beach. Now the business owners have opened new locations throughout Richmond, Va., spreading the phenomenon through the commonwealth. We spoke with Emily Ainsworth,  a manager for TidalWheel Richmond to learn more about the rhythmic cycling style and how to keep the energy up at five in the morning.

How you would describe the perfect TidalWheel instructor?
First and foremost, we look for someone that has an outstanding personality; so much of the job is connecting with is connecting and engaging with your riders, and distracting them from the insane workout you’re putting them through.

How do you find instructors for your studios?
We had extensive auditions and training for the first couple weeks before we opened, but once we opened our doors, we find now that some of our best instructors are some of our most frequent customers. It does have a sort of addictive quality to it: as somebody starts taking taking more and more classes, they are so motivated and inspired by the instructors they love that they want to try and pursue an instruction career of their own. We love what can stem from a passion for indoor cycling.

What other roles is TidalWheel Richmond recruiting for?
 We are aggressively trying to hire for our staff, not necessarily as instructors. Essentially, the staff are the captains of the studio, handling everything from bike maintenance and detailing to maintaining the studio. They are the first person our riders see when they walk in, so we a love a bright cheerful smile – someone’s who’s happy to see our customers and who is passionate about our business and indoor cycling. Plus, all of our desk staff are people who ride with us as well.

How do you keep your staff and instructors engaged??
One of the perks of the job is working with people who are excited to be there; all of our instructors love what they do. They feed off of each others’ energy, especially when we have a class at 5:30 in the morning, the staff and customers are sleepy, it’s dark outside and you’re holding your coffee like it’s your life. But once you turn the lights and music on, you’re excited to be there and you’re excited for your riders. Being surrounded by that kind of energy is infectious.

What’s your favorite part of working for TidalWheel?
The people I work with, the staff and the customers. I love to teach, too. When riders leave class feeling better than when they walked in, it’s such a high for me. It can be a real quality of life blessing.

Does TidalWheel have any special deals for the holiday season?
We have really special deals where riders can bring friends to a class for free and special discounts on gifts cards throughout the season. Give the gift of cycling! 

Learn more about TidalWheel by visiting their official website and remember to Shop Small®!