With the annual Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) conference coming to a wrap in Atlanta, it’s time to put on some comfortable shoes, then empty and inventory those bags overflowing with free schwag.

This year at the Snagajob booth, we introduced SHRM’s 13,000-plus attendees to America’s hourly employment network, our job sourcing and talent management employer solutions that have helped connect more than 35 million job seekers with 45,000 employers over the past 12 years.

Here were a few of the booth highlights:

  • Chester Elton goes “all in:” New York Times bestselling author Chester Elton signed more than 400 free copies of his latest book, “All In,” for those who stopped by the booth. Snagajob and Chester have more in common than an affinity for all things orange; they also agree that creating great culture and belief within your workforces drives big results.
  • Enjoying the ride: No. 1 rated SHRM speaker and celebrated “Enjoy the Ride” author Steve Gilliland stopped by the Snagajob booth in between not one, but two mega-sessions to pull the name of one winning attendee. Claude Vaughn, an HR team lead with Chevron, and his peers won a highly motivational and inspirational day with Steve on site in Houston. Congrats, Claude!
  • Building a healthy front-line culture: Chipotle is known for more than its big, delicious burritos. It’s also known for building a front-line workforce marked by a unique sense of empowerment and the best internal promotion focus of anyone in the fast casual business, or any business for that matter. Chipotle Staffing Manager Dave McKlveen and Snagajob Chief People Officer Greg Moyer chatted with SHRM attendees about how cultivating a healthy culture on their front lines could motivate their hourly employees and build an outstanding customer experience.
  • What was Ronald Reagan’s summer job? Lifeguard. And if you knew the answer to this question, you could have pocketed $50 (and up to $250) playing hourly worker trivia at the Snagajob booth during SHRM’s opening reception at the expo on Sunday night.

If you weren’t at SHRM or you were unable to stop by the Snagajob booth, drop us a line to arrange for a solution demo. Otherwise, we’ll see you next year in Chicago!