White papers offer insight into top hourly hiring challenges

RICHMOND, Va. – Snagajob, the largest hourly employment network for job seekers and employers, has released five in-depth white papers that offer practical solutions for hourly employers facing some of the most common hourly hiring challenges. The white papers were released in conjunction with the re-launch of Snagajob’s employer facing website, which features deeper solution information and hiring tips for hourly employers across industry, business type or hiring need.

“For 12 years, Snagajob has been the only company completely devoted to the hourly workspace,” said Rick Parker, senior vice president of marketing for Snagajob. “We understand the common hiring challenges hourly employers face, and we’ve bundled our expertise into white papers that tackle those top challenges in a practical, actionable way.”

The white papers serve as authoritative resources for employers seeking to learn more about how to source hourly applicants, assess applicants to determine the right fit, conduct background screening, maximize employee tax credit potential or adapt to industry trends that impact hiring.

Sourcing: spend smarter to land top talent – Sourcing great applicants is the first step to building a stronger hourly workforce, but with multiple approaches to choose from, employers could invest in the wrong sourcing mix. This white paper outlines the pros and cons of various sourcing channels and how to determine a mix that will deliver.

Assessments: evaluate to hire right – Including assessments in an application process can help determine if an applicant that appears qualified will be a right fit for a job. This white paper digs into the science behind assessments and their practical application in the hiring process.

Background checks: look back to get ahead – Background checks are a critical, but complex, step in the hiring process. This white paper provides guidelines to follow that will maintain the applicant experience, keep businesses compliant and provide the information needed to give employers confidence in their workforce.

Tax credits: turn the hiring process into a profit center – Billions of dollars in hiring-related incentives are left on the table each year. This white paper simplifies the complicated landscape to help employers maximize tax credit potential.

5 hourly hiring trends: how to adapt to grow (part 1 of 2) – External factors  – which are largely out of employers’ control – impact the approach and ability to hire an hourly workforce. This white paper identifies the top five emerging trends that are beyond employers’ control and ways to adapt in order to grow.

The next white paper, part 2 of the hiring trend white paper, is scheduled to be released at the end of June and will focus on the trends that impact the hourly hiring landscape that can be mitigated through internal changes in the way businesses view hiring.

Click here to download the white papers.

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