Can you feel it? Spring is in the air. Ok, well if you’re like most of the country right now, then perhaps it doesn’t exactly feel like spring. Regardless, it’s the perfect time to purge and refresh. So grab the kids and hand them the brooms and mops, because you’re not going to be doing any of that spring cleaning – you’re going to be sprucing up your hiring process.

Chances are good that your hiring process has been neglected. After all, if it’s working, then why bother adjusting it? Because although your process may be working, that doesn’t mean it’s effective. So take a few hours, either all at once or over the span of a few days, and get that hiring process up to par.

Step 1: Give Your Career Page a Makeover

Job seekers won’t spend more than a few seconds looking for the career page of your website. This means that if you want to attract more candidates, you need to have a link to the career page in either the header or footer of your website’s homepage.

Once you’ve ensured that your career page is easily accessible, take a step back and ask yourself, “How visually appealing is this page? Would I apply to a job I saw here?” This is your chance to judge the book by its’ cover, to not look beyond its’ appearance. In doing so, your goal is to identify every flaw of the page, address how to fix these aspects, and, of course, fix it!

Step 2: Refreshing Those Applications

Are you still using paper applications? If so, stop right now and toss them into the recycling bin. The same goes for hiring managers who are still listing their email addresses under the “where to apply” section of the job description. No more.

By having candidates apply directly through a hiring platform, you’re avoiding any organizational mishaps that could result in an all-star job seeker being overlooked. It also helps reduce the amount of emails from candidates asking, “did you get my resume?” or “I just applied, when is my interview?”

Many hiring platforms also remove the organizational headache from the hiring process. By keeping an applicant’s cover letter, resume, and other documentation together in one page, it helps you keep track of everything without actually having to put forth any effort.

Step 3: Organizing Your Screening Process

Reference and background checks, as well as skills assessments are an integral part of every company’s hiring process. But between the paperwork and the back and forth with the candidate, their previous employers, and the verification service providers, it can be a complete nightmare. So this is the perfect time to get everything in order and to relieve that hiring headache.

Consider what screening services you are going to conduct on each candidate. Are there any positions that require a more rigorous screening process? What will that entail? What provider are you going to use? What forms need to be filled out?

It sounds like a lot of effort, and it is. But screening is necessary. However, we’ll let you in on a little secret – candidate screening can be automated. It just takes a little research.


Maggie Coffey is the coffee-loving Marketing Coordinator at Hireology, the leading selection management platform for distributed enterprises. Their award-winning Selection Manager™ includes everything an operator needs to manage their hiring process, including a fully hosted career site, integrated job postings, compensation analysis, pre-hire assessments, interview guides, background checks, skills verification and more.