Snagajob survey shows hourly workers value dependability from co-workers and favorite superheroes

One man’s superhero, another man’s super annoying co-worker.  In a result that’s sure to turn Dr. Bruce Banner green with rage, a recent poll from hourly employment network Snagajob revealed that The Hulk would be the “most annoying co-worker” compared to some of his fellow superheroes.

Largely due to his extreme and unpredictable anger issues, The Hulk took the title of “most annoying” by a landslide with nearly 51 percent of votes. Even with his consistent tardiness, playboy status and sometimes conceited nature, only 21 percent chose Iron Man as an intolerable co-worker. Placing third at 19 percent was Captain America. While his straight-laced, goody-two-shoes tendencies could be seen as annoying, most people said they wouldn’t be bothered. And finally, only eight percent of voters stated that Batman’s voice would make him unbearable at work. (A sign of the times, perhaps, showing that more and more communications is digital, than face-to-face.)

“It’s simple, today’s hourly worker wants to work with dependable co-workers,” said Jason Hamilton, senior vice president of marketing for Snagajob. “Between The Hulk being a loose cannon and Iron Man consistently being late, the results speak volumes – the hourly workforce is willing to overlook an irritating voice or an alleged ‘kiss up’ for the sake of a reliable and pleasant co-worker.”

To gauge a quick snapshot of hourly workers’ sentiments towards some of their favorite superheroes, Snagajob hosted the poll on its homepage between May 18 and June 11, 2012, and captured more than 1,700 votes. Site visitors were asked to select choices from a list of superheroes and their commonly known flaws. Below is a list of expanded results.

Snagajob Survey Question: Which superhero would make the most annoying co-worker?

Superhero Percent
The Hulk 51%
Iron Man 21%
Captain America 19%
Batman 8%

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